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Dehumidifier (home use)

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Dehumidifier (home use)

1. Sterilization: remove harmful bacteria in air and enjoy a healthy life; damp corners are easy to breed bacteria, ultraviolet light has bactericidal effect, the effect is good, and without side effect on human body;
2. Dehumidification: The basic key to dryness is to dehumidify and absorb moisture in air; Cold Magic dehumidifier has a powerful dehumidification function, which can bring you a comfortable and tidy enjoyment and inhibit the growth of condensation and mold;
3. Drying clothes: It is ideal to dry clothes in rainy weather; when the weather is moist, cloudy and rainy season, there are more clothes to be washed, so it is ideal to use bathroom as clothes drying room;
4. Warmth: When the weather becomes cold, it is easy to catch cold, the heating function can be activated; in winter, when the weather is freezing during bathing/changing clothes, the heating function can be used to make the bathroom reach a suitable temperature;
5. Save space: it can be installed on the ceiling or wall, saving space compared with general dehumidifiers and clothes dryers;
6.Save electricity and money: Compared with clothes dryers, saves 25% of monthly electricity consumption for 5 kg clothes drying, which is really saves electricity.
7. Fast and convenient: installation is needed to fasten dehumidifier main body, connect drain pipe and power supplier, then it can be used.
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Product features and uses
1. The dehumidifier removes the moisture in the air through mechanical refrigeration, and uses condensation heat as the reheating method to achieve the purpose of reducing the relative humidity of the environment.
2. This product implements the GB/T19411-2003 "Dehumidifier" standard.
3. Key components such as compressors are imported with original packaging, with stable and reliable performance.
4. The control system automatically controls the operation of the unit according to the environmental humidity and the set value, and the set humidity is adjustable from 30-90%RH.
5. The temperature-regulating dehumidifier can automatically adjust the relative humidity of the return air and the temperature of the outlet air according to user settings. Part of the heat is taken away by the condenser to prevent the temperature rise caused by the long-term operation of the dehumidification unit. In addition, air-conditioning and refrigeration can also remove moisture from the air and blow out cold air to achieve the purpose of temperature regulation and dehumidification.
6. This product is suitable for environments with low requirements for relative humidity, such as underground engineering, industrial and mining enterprise workshops, warehouses, and library and archive rooms.


Eliminate harmful bacteria in the air and enjoy a healthy life
Bacteria can easily grow in wet corners, and ultraviolet light can have a sterilization effect, and the effect is good, and there are no side effects on the human body.

The basic key to dryness is to dehumidify and absorb moisture in the air.
The powerful dehumidification function can bring you a comfortable and tidy feeling and inhibit the occurrence of condensation and mold, which can extend the life of the house. The sucked-out water will be discharged through the drain pipe, and because it is in the dehumidification mode, it does not require any ventilation equipment.

Dry clothes
Moldy weather, ideal for drying clothes
When the weather is wet, cloudy and rainy, and there are more clothes to wash, it is ideal to turn the bathroom into a clothes drying room. For clothes or shirts the size of a bed sheet, just hang the clothes on a hanger and let them dry randomly.

Keep warm
When the weather turns cold, it is easy to catch cold, and heating can be activated
When bathing, the weather is too cold, and it is easy to catch cold when changing clothes. You can turn on heating to make the bathroom reach the right temperature so that you can have a solid and comfortable bathing time.

Environmental protection from multiple angles
Save space: Because it is installed on the ceiling and wall, it saves space compared with general dehumidifiers and clothes dryers.
Energy saving and money saving: The 5 kg dryer saves about 25% of the power consumption compared with the dryer, which is really effective.
Fast and convenient: the installation only needs to fasten the main body of the dehumidifier, connect the drain pipe, and connect to the power supply, and then it can be used.

Dehumidifier (home use)


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Dehumidifier (home use)

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