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Mobile Air Cooled Package Chiller
Mobile Air Cooled Package Chiller:
This series of product is one of the leading professional produced by Cold Magic Company Limited. Cold Magic brand Air Cooled Water Chiller (Heat Pump) unit has the advantages of high energy efficiency ratio, low noise, compact structure, long product life and easy operation. The capacity range is from 48PT to 400RT, and it can provide chilled water at 5-20 degree Celsius, or hot water at 40-60 degree Celsius (heat pump). It is the air conditioning system that widely used in hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, factories, and large, medium and small building, etc… It is for civil or industrial use to provide chilled water (hot water).
1.The "heart" of the unit is an imported twin-screw compressor. Compared with the traditional reciprocating compressor, it has characteristics of high efficiency, quiet operation, user friendly and long life.
2.The use of microcomputer controller and PID logic control makes the temperature control more precise; programmed logic can effectively adjust the energy of the unit to ensure the best operating load and reduce operating costs. Light touch button operation, LCD backlight, Chinese or English display can be selected; plus a menu-style interface display, the operation is more convenient and easy to be used.
3.Protective device: exhaust non-return valve,three phase protection, high-efficiency oil separator, oil heater, exhaust temperature overheat protection, safety valve, high and low pressure switch, antifreeze switch, overload protection, parameter password authority protection.
Mobile Air Cooled Package Chiller
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