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Water Cooled Chiller

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Water Cooled Chiller
The "heart" of the unit uses imported screw compressors. Compared with traditional reciprocating compressors, it has characteristics of high efficiency, quiet operation, simple operation and long service life;
The shell and tube evaporator and condenser are according to national standard of pressure vessel to be designed and manufactured, and has been inspected by the Quality Supervision Bureau before ex- factory. The shell-and-tube evaporator is made of high-efficiency threaded copper tubes, and the water quality fouling coefficient is fully considered during design phase, and it is equipped with imported expansion valves, solenoid valves, filter dryers and other refrigeration accessories.
1.Control system functions: directly control the set point and current operating parameters; comprehensively monitor the current working conditions, store operating data, and report faults;
2.System display information: pre-start diagnostic detection; fault alarm information; historical fault records; current operating data, parameter setting values, and related information
3.Expansion function can be added: it can realize centralized monitoring between multiple machines or joint control of several units or connect the units to CCMS system, etc... Customers can add expansion functions on the basis of standard configuration according to actual needs, and add different communication cards to realize different communication functions, and complies with CCMS, BAS communications.
Water Cooled Chiller
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