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Swimming Pool Heat Pump

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Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Features and advantages:
1. Environmental protection and safety: heat pump technology is used to heat water in the swimming pool and maintain its temperature constant, which realizes water and electricity isolation. The entire heating process has no combustion and no exhaust gas emissions, which truly realizes safety and environmental protection;
2. High efficiency and energy saving: Adopting a number of patented technologies of our company, the heat pump integrates dehumidification, air conditioning, pool water heating, and fresh air energy and heat recovery, which saves significant operating energy costs;
3. The structure is resistant to chlorine corrosion, and the professional design and manufacture make the special heat pump type constant temperature dehumidifier for swimming pools can effectively avoid the corrosion of the air conditioner host by a small amount of residual chlorine in the air;
4. Intelligent control and convenient management. With the newly designed microcomputer control system, it can realize automatic mode switching, simple operation, complete protection functions, and powerful functions.
5. Advanced technology: integral swimming pool constant temperature dehumidification unit, which uses advanced heat pump technology;
6. Stable and reliable performance: Ultra-stable system compressors, thermal expansion valves, electronic appliances and other components, combined with the original differentiated fluorine circuit system, provide you with system solutions.
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Questions about indoor swimming pools:
The heat loss of indoor swimming pool is mainly due to the evaporation of the water surface of the air breathing pool. When the air temperature decreases and the temperature of the air pool water is time, the heat energy will cool down quickly with the surface of the pool. If the temperature is not controlled within the ideal range, the high humidity in the air will be felt, and the nearby air will be muffled, which will cause fake and severely injured skin, and the swimmer will be hot and not stuffy.

Questions about indoor swimming pools:
The heat loss of indoor swimming pool is mainly due to the evaporation of the water surface of the air pool. When the air decreases and the temperature of the air pool water, the heat energy disappears with the cooling of the pool surface. I feel that the moisture will be felt, and there will be moisture everywhere along the way, which will cause damage to the fake weight, and make the swimmers sultry and uncomfortable.

Before the dehumidification heat pump, the most common way to control the temperature is to leave the earth’s air and heat it to temperature by the air generated by the earth’s gravity.
Such air heating and outdoor dehumidification require an increase in commuting expenses. At the same time, a heat generator that requires electric heating (or gas) provides the heat energy of the pool, which is completely evaporated and lost by the wall.

The working principle of Cold Magic indoor swimming pool heat pump:
As the pool water evaporates, the pool water heat energy is carried with the air. When the air flows through the pump, the heat in the air is cooled by the heat pump, and the air is regenerated and dried due to the air being drawn away. At the same time, the air heat energy is sucked in by the heat pump and then sent back to the pool water and air, and so on. , The energy is low and the indoor humidity can be maintained at the same time.

Swimming Pool Heat Pump


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Swimming Pool Heat Pump

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