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Food waste recovery system machine

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Food waste recovery system machine

Application range: Applicable to some large schools, hospitals, factories, offices, dormitories, restaurants, etc.
Main features: Environmental protection effectively handles land pollution, water pollution, peculiar smell, power generation pests/harmful insects that pollute the environment, waste of resources, etc. The residue produced can be used as fertilizer.
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Product description

Product introduction:
·Small size, saving space
·Simple control panel (only 2 buttons for back movement and stop), easy to operate
·Safety device input and output operation
·Environmental protection and deodorization (deodorizing organism + water)
·Degrade food waste in a hygienic, simple and fast way, and then make it into regenerated compost

Purpose and advantages:
The purpose is to recycle all kinds of kitchen waste to make organic bio-fertilizer from the surface
·The fertilizer can be used for organic farming
·Reduce transportation costs by using fewer garbage trucks or reducing the number of collections
·Convert food waste into compost without having to arrange collection and dumping
·Reduce pollution
·Income from sales of compost
· Positive promotion through the use of the system

Very simple operation process
-Complete automatic system
-Just put the food waste into the machine and press the switch
·The machine will automatically start to work and will be composted in about 24 hours
·Organic compost can be used in gardening and agriculture
·In this process, no waste water is produced, and the water will become dry in the machine
·The machine is equipped with a deodorizing system, so there is no problem of odor

Processing capacity
·About 50kg per day
-Put 50kg of kitchen waste into the machine every day
-Approximately 5kg of compost will be made after 24 hours (data is for reference only)
·Put into the kitchen waste for 5-6 days
-Take out the organic compost at the same time, for example after 1 week
-For example: Put 50kg of kitchen waste every day to make 5kg of compost. After 1 week, the machine will make 30kg of compost

Food waste recovery system machine


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Food waste recovery system machine

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