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Air Handling Unit

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Air Handling Unit

1. Use international brand or domestic high-quality brand HVAC dedicated inverter;
2. The use of frequency converters can effectively reduce energy consumption and operating costs;
3. The function of variable air volume can be realized by matching on the air handler;
4. Frequency conversion starting can reduce the impact of starting current on the grid during starting, thereby reducing the cost of power capacity expansion;
5. Indication of power supply, running status, fault status, remote/local status;
6. Two control modes: automatic (remote)/manual (local);
7. Overload, phase loss, undervoltage and short circuit indications are perfect, realizing comprehensive protection.
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Product description

Wind cabinet body:

● High-quality aluminum frame

Good strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, flexible structure, easy disassembly and repair, 100% recyclability.






● Excellent motor

The motor is an air-cooled fully enclosed three-phase asynchronous motor, with a protection level of IP55 and class F insulation, which has higher reliability and service life. The service life of the bearing under design conditions is more than 75,000 hours, and the normal service life of the whole machine is not less than 15 years.

● Polyurethane foam insulation board

The insulation board is made of two-layer board made of color steel plate on the outer board and galvanized sheet on the inner board. The interlayer between the two boards is made of high-pressure foamed rigid polyurethane insulation material, with a minimum density of 35-45KG/m3. The thermal insulation material has excellent thermal insulation and sound insulation properties, and this thermal insulation board structure has better strength




● Excellent performance fan

According to AMCA standard, the double-inlet centrifugal fan, the fan shell is made of high-quality galvanized steel plate, and the impeller is formed by heavy pressure of the galvanized plate, which has the advantage of long service life. The fan bearings meet the strict test requirements. The frame is equipped with a vibration damping device to minimize vibration and noise.








● Coil and drain pan

The standard coils are 3/8" 1/2" or 5/8" seamless copper pipes, equipped with mechanically expanded corrugated aluminum fins. The copper pipes are arranged in a staggered manner and matched with the corrugated design of the fins to ensure that the fins There is less dirt in the space, which makes it have high heat transfer performance, low air flow resistance and superior low corrosion, ensuring that the coil has a high heat transfer coefficient and a long life.




●  Intelligent control and constant temperature and humidity system:

【Field Control System】
The field control system includes: sensors, actuators, contact switches, etc. The core part is to use DDC (direct digital controller) or PLC (programmable logic controller) as the host of distributed control, for various air-conditioning equipment On-site adjustment and control are carried out in the running state.

[Main control functions of the system]
Start-stop control: temperature control, timing energy-saving control, seasonal change control, variable frequency variable air volume control, differential pressure alarm and fault alarm, interlock and automatic protection, manual/automatic conversion, on-site operation terminal, running status display, PID control program, Time program and password protection, etc.


Air Handing Unit


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Air Handling Unit

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