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Air Cooled Heat Pump Module Type Chiller

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Air Cooled Heat Pump Module Type Chiller

Air Cooled Heat Pump Module Type Chiller:
1. Using environmental protection R410A, will not damage the ozone layer;
2. Suitable for each module main control design; just plug in handheld terminal, it can be used as main module;
3. Supreme compatibility: same and different models can be combined arbitrarily, combination up to 8 modules;
4. Super protection: complete safety protection function, with powerful error self-diagnosis function;
5. Zip Zap operation: The Zip Zap operation technology between the compressors ensures the alternative operation of each compression molding machine in the system, which greatly extends the service life of the compressor;
6. Remote monitoring: Built-in RS485 communication, you can choose cloud port link to collect and review the data of machine.
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Product description

Performance characteristics:

Flexible layout and good scalability: The host adopts air-cooled modular design, and the layout is extremely flexible, whether it is on the ground, platform, or roof. The host can be added or removed conveniently and quickly according to the changing needs of the air-conditioning load, with strong capacity expansion.


Investment saving: Compared with the traditional water-cooled central air conditioner, the entire cooling water system can be omitted, and no dedicated machine room is needed, which can greatly save construction space and civil engineering costs, thereby greatly reducing project investment.

Short construction period: Due to the modular design method, the cooling water system and buildings necessary for the water-cooled unit can be omitted, so the unit is easy to transport and install, and the construction is simple, and the cycle is greatly shortened.


High-efficiency and energy-saving: Imported compressors and brand-name high-quality components are used to ensure the highest efficiency of the whole machine. It can be automatically removed in multiple stages, reducing consumption and energy saving.


Excellent and reliable performance: use world-renowned brand accessories and undergo rigorous performance tests to ensure reasonable unit matching. The fully enclosed flexible scroll compressor has a higher energy efficiency ratio. The high-efficiency water-side heat exchanger ensures the full use of the equipment's capabilities. The superior air-conditioning special fan, motor, water pump and other components ensure the smooth operation of the unit and the vibration And the noise is extremely low.


Intelligent control, simple operation: The unit adopts microcomputer intelligent control, and all parameter settings have been completed in the factory. The unit automatically detects the water temperature and adjusts it automatically. The user only needs to activate the switch button, and all operations are carried out automatically by the unit. According to user needs, it can be connected to the computer, modem or MODEM communication port through the RS485 standard serial communication port, and enter the BAS and public telecommunication exchange network for remote communication monitoring.

Installation is simple and easy: the unit design takes into account the user's installation to the greatest extent, and the water system is fully equipped to ensure that the user can use the unit conveniently and reliably. The unit structure design is reasonable, the floor space is small, the installation does not require a dedicated machine room, and it can be placed in the front and back of the house, on the roof of the balcony.

System principle:

Cold Magic air source heat pump water heater is a special equipment for making hot water. Compared with the current water heaters on the market such as electricity, gas and oil, it has many advantages such as safety, energy saving, long life, and no emission of poisonous gas. It uses the working principle of a heat pump to absorb heat from low-temperature air and then transfer it to low-temperature water to heat hot water.

Its working principle is that when the temperature of the hot water to be heated reaches the set temperature (control final temperature), the unit stops running. On the contrary, when the temperature of the hot water drops to the set hot water temperature.

Air Cooled Heat Pump Module Type Chiller


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Air Cooled Heat Pump Module Type Chiller

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