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Swimming Pool Dehumidification Heat Pump

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Swimming Pool Constant Temperature & Humidity Unit
Features and advantages:
1. Environmental protection and safety: heat pump technology is used to heat the swimming pool water and maintain the constancy of temperature, which realizes water and electricity isolation. The entire heating process has no combustion and no exhaust gas emissions, which is genuine safety and environmental protection;
2. High efficiency and energy saving: Adopting many our company patented technologies, the heat pump integrates dehumidification, air conditioning, pool water heating, and fresh air energy and heat recycle, which saves significant operating energy costs;
3. The structure is chlorine corrosion resistant, and the professional design and produce the special heat pump type constant temperature dehumidifier for swimming pools, can effectively avoid the corrosion of the air conditioner by small amount of residual chlorine in air;
4. Intelligent control and convenient management. With the newly designed microcomputer control system, it has automatic mode switching, simple operation, complete protection functions, and powerful functions.
5. Advanced technology: The integral swimming pool constant temperature dehumidification unit is one of the leading high-tech swimming pool dehumidifiers. It adopts advanced heat pump technology.
6. Stable and reliable performance: Ultra-stable system compressors, thermal expansion valves, electronic components, combined with the unique differentiated fluorine circuit system, provide you the best system solution.
Swimming Pool Constant Temperature & Humidity Unit
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