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Direct expansion oil-free air conditioning unit

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Direct expansion oil-free air conditioning unit

Evaporative Cooled Condenser Packaged Water Chiller:
1. Integrated design: built-in cooling water pump, heat exchanger has been treated specially, so that the product life cycle can be prolonged when heat exchanger is cooled with water. It has an inhaled water descale, and the life of product can be protected.
2.Less space occupied: The equipment is light and handy, no cooling tower and cooling water pump are required, no cooling water circuit is needed, and without request of cooling system control box.
3. Quick installation: Quick connection for water and electricity, speed up on site installation.
4. 30% energy saving: the Coefficient of performance the of the air conditioning unit is greater than 4.9, and the integrated partial load efficiency IPLV reaches 8.2 or more. Under standard operating conditions, the whole machine has a high Coefficient of performance, which is more than 15% energy-saving than traditional water-cooled chillers, and more than 30% energy-saving than ordinary air-cooled chillers. The Coefficient of performance exceeds the international first-class energy efficiency standards.
5. Advantages: high anti-corrosion performance, high unit stability; compact structure, reasonable layout; equipped with a descaling device to prevent fouling; advanced logic control, by using fuzzy logic, precise control of load changes, and the operation is more stable.
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Product description

1. Adopt an integrated structure

Integrated structure, no need to configure the host computer room independently, no need to be equipped with chilled water pump and chilled water system. Greatly save the engineering cost and construction period of the refrigeration room system installation.

Cooling Tower

Cooling water system

Magnetic levitation direct evaporative air conditioner

Cooling Tower

Cooling water system

Magnetic levitation direct evaporative air conditioner

Maglev Direct Evaporative Air Conditioning Unit System in Subway Station

2. DTC revolutionary product

● Continuous and efficient
● Oil-free design
● Frequency conversion control (300HZ~800HZ)
● Compact structure
● Ultra-quiet (72dBA)
● 2A soft start controller
● Great value
● Very low maintenance cost

DTC is a revolutionary motor control method that can accurately control the motor speed and torque without using the information fed back from the motor shaft end by the pulse encoder.

Oil-free compressor technology

Centrifugal compressors for air conditioning and process cooling

3. Technical principle of magnetic levitation

frequency conversion centrifugal compressor


Comparison of advantages of compressor after-sales maintenance
Maintenance type Standard R134a compressor Magnetic suspension compressor
Clean the oil seal and change the oil Once a year unnecessary
Oil change and filter Once a year unnecessary
Oil pump pressure, oil pump delay Once a year unnecessary
Oil quality test (color, quality) Once a year unnecessary
Oil filter pressure drop detection Once a year unnecessary
Compressor vibration test Once a year unnecessary
Motor winding inspection Once a year unnecessary
Contactor and overload setting inspection Once a year unnecessary
Refrigerant cleaning inspection Once a year unnecessary
unnecessary unnecessary unnecessary

4. Comparison of performance

advantages of fan motors

Compared with traditional asynchronous motors, the decisive advantage of fans and motors with green technology EC technology lies in their efficiency as high as 90%. In contrast, the efficiency of AC motors is only 20% to 70%. High efficiency not only means better use of input energy, but also means less heat loss and longer service life.

The energy efficiency advantage of part-load operation is also very obvious, because the built-in electronic components allow the EC motor to be continuously regulated. In other words, the speed can always be controlled according to specific needs. This advantage brings new energy-saving opportunities for many applications, and also makes many applications more comfortable and pleasant, such as greatly reducing the noise level.

5. Advantages of heat exchange effect

1. The use of copper fins prolongs the life of the heat exchanger. The heat transfer coefficient of the copper fins is higher than that of the aluminum fins. The wind resistance of the heat exchanger with the same cooling capacity is lower than that of the aluminum fins, which improves the energy efficiency of the whole machine.
2. The use of large-diameter and high-efficiency internally threaded copper pipes reduces the refrigerant resistance of the direct expansion heat exchanger and increases the heat exchange area of the copper pipes.

6. Adopt variable frequency screw compressor

and variable frequency scroll compressor

Compared with fixed-speed compressors, frequency conversion technology has a more flexible range of use; the best cooling operation mode can run the unit more efficiently; non-stop operation can be more economical and comfortable, and it has the best seasonal energy efficiency ratio.

7. Advantages of fresh air filtration

and purification effect

Direct evaporative air-conditioning units use high-efficiency electrostatic dust nets. Advantages: 1. Effectively block particulate pollutants larger than 0.1 micron in the air. 2. Ultra-low impedance ensures stable operation of the air conditioner and cooling effect. 3. There is no need to connect a voltage of tens of thousands of volts, so it will not produce ozone, and because its composition is made of polypropylene, it is very convenient to discard. 4. 36V power supply and door opening interlock to ensure safety.

Conventional subway air-conditioning boxes use high-efficiency bag dust nets: Disadvantages: 1. The large wind resistance increases the energy consumption of the motor and reduces the energy efficiency of the whole machine. 2. When the particle size is divided to the range of 5 microns, 2 microns or even sub-micron, the high-efficiency mechanical filtration system will become more expensive. 3. It occupies more cabinet space than the plate-type high-efficiency electrostatic dust net, which increases the cost of the whole machine.

Efficient electrostatic dust net

Conventional high-efficiency bag dust net

Primary filter

Filter segment function
1. Gaomei direct evaporative air-conditioning unit: G4 primary dust net and F8 medium-efficiency filter, including effective test report, effectively guarantee the air quality in the subway station.
2. Conventional subway air-conditioning box: use the primary filter, but use the commonly used dust net specifications in the market. This kind of dust net has no standard quality control and cannot effectively guarantee the air quality in the subway station.

8. Comparison of operating noise advantages

Free Direct Expansion Air Handling Unit test site

Analysis of measured data:

It can be seen that the successful research and development of Cold Magic "Free Direct Expansion  Air Handling Unit " not only improves the energy efficiency of the refrigeration machine room system, but also greatly reduces the construction difficulty and construction cost of the refrigeration machine room system.



Direct expansion oil-free air conditioning unit


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Direct expansion oil-free air conditioning unit

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