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Cassette Type Fan Coil Unit

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Cassette Type Fan Coil Unit

1. The appearance of the unit is luxurious, the installation does not occupy effective indoor space, and it is harmoniously matched with the environment;
2. The unit sends air from all sides to increase comfort;
3. The use of a three-dimensional spiral wind cabinet makes the equipment operation noise lower;
4. The four sides are of equal size design, and the installation layout is more flexible.
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Product description

Cold Magic coil unit is a central air-conditioning terminal equipment carefully designed and manufactured by our company with advanced technology at home and abroad. It has advanced and reasonable structure, unique shape, low power consumption, low noise, and convenient installation and maintenance.

The product is mainly composed of a fan, a high-efficiency heat exchanger, a condensate pan and a shell. The fan adopts a double-inlet centrifugal fan, and the impellers are all made of metal, with long life and stable operation; the motor adopts a special low-noise three-speed air-conditioning motor without replenishment of lubricating oil and high-precision imported ball bearing self-cooling; heat exchanger The fins are produced using the most advanced fin processing line. The fins produced have a variety of fin shapes, with automatic bending, automatic welding, and unique processing techniques. The product quality has reached the international advanced level.

The aluminum foil and copper pipes used in the fan coils produced by our company are all domestically produced high-quality materials, and the sheet metal parts are made of environmentally-friendly high-quality galvanized steel plates without flowers. At the same time, it is the first to carry out the whole machine debugging among similar domestic fan coil products. Adjust the dynamic balance between the wind wheel and the motor to eliminate swings, prevent temperature rise, avoid motor burnout, reduce noise, and ensure reliable operation of the equipment.
The role of the unit in the central air-conditioning system is to continuously exchange heat between the cold and heat sources provided by the central refrigeration (heating) station with the indoor air to achieve the temperature and humidity adjustment of the indoor room. The product is especially suitable for offices, commercial buildings, department stores, hotels, hospitals, banks, apartments, entertainment venues, etc.


1. The appearance of the unit is luxurious, the installation does not occupy effective indoor space, and it is harmoniously matched with the environment.
2. The unit sends air from all sides, which makes people feel more comfortable.
3. The three-dimensional spiral wind wheel is adopted to make the operation noise of the equipment lower.
4. The four sides are of equal size design, and the installation layout is more flexible. To


Installation Precautions
1. When hoisting, the fan coil should be installed horizontally to ensure the removal of condensed water. After the unit is installed, the condensed water must flow in the direction of the drain.
2. The ends of the inlet and outlet pipes of the fan coil cannot be used as a handle. To prevent excessive twisting of the copper pipe when connecting the inlet and outlet pipes, the water head of the coil should be clamped and firmly fixed with a tool, and then the external water pipe should be twisted forcefully.
3. Prevent debris from entering the fan impeller and motor during installation, and remove debris from the drain pan and condensate pipe before operation.
4. When the air pipe interface is not in line with the air outlet, the variable-diameter air pipe joint should be prepared on site, and the return air outlet should be installed with a filter and cleaned regularly to prevent dust from clogging the coil fins and maintain the heat transfer effect of the coil.
5. Before installing the fan coil unit, carefully check the components, and gently rotate the wind wheel by hand to check whether the wind wheel is rubbing against the fan volute.
6. The surface cooler and heater should be drained of internal water (gas accumulation) before use, and the unused surface cooler and heater should be drained in severe cold areas in winter (to prevent frost damage), and the heat and refrigerant must be treated Soften the water to reduce the scale in the pipe. After 2 to 3 years of use, the inner wall of the water pipe should be cleaned, and the scale should be removed by chemical descaling. The water pressure should be tested once a year (the pressure is 1.0MPa) to ensure that there is no leakage.

Cassette Type Fan Coil Unit


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Cassette Type Fan Coil Unit

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