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Air Cooled Condenser

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Air Cooled Condenser

Product introduction
●"Cold Magic" air-cooled condensers have superior performance and high reliability, and are universally used for various refrigerants, which are used in all refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
●CACC series of national cooling condensers are "Cold Magic" introduced new technology. The latest series of products are compact, low noise, equipped with high-efficiency fan, and the coil is made of the latest high-efficiency copper pipes.
●The fans of all models of the cooker are equipped with a two-speed motor so that the cooker can save energy under low load and low ambient temperature. Low speed is also used at night or those places that require low noise.
●The high-strength zinc-zinc plate (15mm) outside can effectively protect the tank ship tube and ensure the long life of the cooker.
●The special fin material and the surface texture make the spreader can maintain a long life in the environment containing corrosive gas (such as the seaside, industrial area, etc.), and protect the investment of customers.
●In addition, the "Cold Magic" air-cooled condenser has other low prices and simple maintenance. It does not need to use various expensive chemical cleaning agents to clean, which further saves investment for customers.
●Combined use of multi-national machine, and equipped with dream-speed roof fan mine machine. When one of the mine machines fails, the system will not be affected and can still operate normally.
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Product description

Equipment standard configuration
★The shell is made of 1.5mm galvanized copper plate
★Copper tube/aluminum plate cooked exchanger
★Jian cold coal system
★The cooked exchanger is not exposed to direct sunlight
★Small size and light weight
★Multiple fans and motors
★IP54 fully enclosed motor
★Double speed optional
★There is horizontal and upward wind
★Suitable for container transportation
★IP55 fully enclosed junction box

Special requirements configuration
★Multi-cold coal system
★Add subcooling system and separate interface
★Copper or electroplated copper heat exchanger
★Aluminum heat exchanger with protective layer
★Stainless steel housing
★Painted shell
★Two-speed wiring
★Double speed △/Y conversion sewing machine
Note: If you require condensing centrifugal force control, please contact the manufacturer

Air Cooled Condenser


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Air Cooled Condenser

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